Bella Somerville

Bella Somerville

Hi, I’m Bella, the yogi soul behind Brighton Bella Yoga.

I am an experienced RYT 500-hour Yoga Alliance instructor and a self-confessed yoga junkie who is passionate about sharing this beautiful wellbeing practice with the world.

I teach yoga because I can transform students and positively change lives by helping people find more on the mat, rediscover their potential and get more out of life.

I offer an eclectic fusion of hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative group yoga classes in Brighton, Hove and the Sussex area, as well as offering private lessons tailored to individuals’ needs either through Zoom or in-person. I also run yoga workshops for private or corporate events and residential retreats both in the UK and overseas. I regularly donate my teaching skills to charities and local events such as the Brighton Yoga Festival run by the Brighton Yoga Foundation, which is a registered charity dedicated to making the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga accessible to all.

I have a lot of energy and it’s contagious so you can expect fun, uplifting, challenging classes with intuitive flowing sequences that combine mindfulness, breath and functional movement to strengthen the body and liberate the mind. My classes are as individual as a box of chocolates, no two classes are ever the same but they are all irresistibly sweet, sprinkled with humour and accessible to everyone from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners. I believe in connection, togetherness, wholeness, supporting one another, understanding, individuality, freedom, compassion, truth, generosity, happiness and peace for all living beings. This for me is true Yoga, a union of mind, body and soul principles, disciplines and wellbeing practices that allow us to not only live in harmony with ourselves, but also with our communities. Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, it’s a way of life, a code of morals and values that lead us to a much deeper awareness of who we really are and how we truly feel. We all know instinctively what’s good for us, and yoga just unlocks the door, it allows us to connect with ourselves on a deep and powerful level and that for me is where its true benefits are to be found. It grounds us, uplifts us, inspires us, it makes us strong, healthy and ultimately incredibly happy. What’s not to love!

When I’m not on my mat (or encouraging others to be), I love to travel. I’ve crossed 4 continents overland and visited 57 countries to date. Variety is the spice of life I say! I’m also a keen skier and have been leading group ski trips to Europe and North America for over 30 years. I lead numerous yoga retreats worldwide (check out my ‘retreats’ page), combining my passion for travel with yoga. I believe in travelling responsibly, and carefully source my retreat venues and providers so as to have the least impact on the natural environment whilst also knowing that local communities directly benefit from our visit.

Our voice is our divine gift and I feel incredibly grateful to have found mine so I can inspire others to find theirs. We live in an abundant world and can support each other to shine. I’ve always said “Happiness in an inside job” so come and join me for a transformational class, an inspiring workshop or a life-changing retreat, and start smiling from the inside out!

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti

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