Bella Somerville

Bella Somerville

Bella is a highly qualified and super likeable yoga teacher, and the soul behind Brighton Bella Yoga.

She offers a fusion of hatha, vinyasa flow, yin and restorative yoga classes in Brighton, Hove and the Sussex area, as well as leading international yoga retreats worldwide. 

A self-confessed travel and yoga junkie, she is passionate about sharing this beautiful wellbeing practice with the world, and her classes and retreats are a joyful experience, fun, uplifting, and sprinkled with humour. 

In her words: “Yoga is so good for us and anyone can do it no matter what age, shape or experience; it’s healing, health and wellbeing on so many levels. We all know instinctively what’s good for us, and yoga just unlocks the door, it allows us to connect with ourselves on a deep and powerful level and that’s where its true benefits are to be found.”

Bella’s mantra is “Happiness in an inside job” so come and join her for a class, a workshop or a yoga retreat and start smiling from the inside out!

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